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Table 1 Epitopes of TNFA for adalimumab, certolizumab pegol, golimumab and infliximab

From: Missense variants in the TNFA epitopes and their effects on interaction with therapeutic antibodies—in silico analysis

Antibody TNFA epitopes References
Adalimumab Pro-19, Gln-20, Glu-23, Lys-65 To Gln-67, Glu-10 TO Pro-113, Tyr-141, Ala-145, Glu-146, Thr-71, His-72, Thr-77, Thr-79, Ser-81, Lys-89 To Asn-91, Glu-135 To Asn-137 [20]
Certolizumab Gly-24, Asp-45, Gln-47, Thr-77, Ile-83, Val-85, Ser-86, Gln-88, Thr-89, Lys-90, Arg-131, Glu-135, Asn-137, Arg-138, Pro-139, Asp-140 [21]
Golimumab Gly-24, Lys-65, Gln-67, Ser-71, Glu-104, Thr-105, Pro-106, Glu-107, Gly-108, Ala-111, Arg-138, Asp-140, Tyr-141 [22]
Infliximab Gln-67, Pro-70, Ser-71, His-73, Gln-102, Thr-105, Glu-107, Ala-109, Glu-110, Arg-138, Asn-137, Tyr-141 [24]