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Table 1 The sections of the studied species and the chromosome no. and the arm which display 5S rDNA or 45S rDNA

From: Ribosomal DNA localization on Lathyrus species chromosomes by FISH

Species Section rDNA loci on chromosomes
5S rDNA 45S rDNA
L. paranensis Burkart Notolathyrus 3p 4q
L. nissolia L. Nissolia 1p 1q
L. odoratus L. Lathyrus 3p** 4q
L. hirsutus L. Lathyrus 3p 3p
L. amphicarpos L. Lathyrus 1p + 2p 1q
L. gorgoni Parl. Lathyrus 5q 3q
L. articulatus L. Clymenum 1p 4q
L. sphaericus Retz Linrearicarpus 2p + 3p 4q
L. incospicuus L. Linrearicarpus 1p 1q
  1. p Short arm q Long arm ** Two loci on the same chromosome arm