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Table 5 Nei unbiased genetic distance for pairwise population matrix of rhizobia populations trapped from the field in TUMZ, TLMZ, EUMZ, and ELMZ in Embu and Tharaka-Nithi Counties

From: Genetic and phenotypic diversity of microsymbionts nodulating promiscuous soybeans from different agro-climatic conditions

0.000     TUMZ
0.012 0.000    TLMZ
0.024 0.012 0.000   EUMZ
0.039 0.036 0.021 0.000 ELMZ
  1. TUMZ Tharaka-Nithi Upper Midland Zone, TLMZ Tharaka-Nithi Lower Midland Zone, EUMZ Embu Upper Midland Zone, ELMZ Embu Lower Midland Zone