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Table 2 The transgenic plants developed by overexpressing the transcription factors

From: Senescence-associated proteins and nitrogen remobilization in grain filling under drought stress condition

Gene name Transgenic plant Effect References
GhWRKY91 Arabidopsis Drought stress [59]
OsWRKY23 Arabidopsis Leaf senescence [59]
GhWRKY42 Arabidopsis Leaf senescence [59]
GhWRKY27 Arabidopsis Leaf senescence [59]
TaWRKY10 Tobacco Mediating osmotic balance, the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) [33]
TaWRKY42-B Arabidopsis Facilitates initiation of leaf senescence by promoting jasmonic acid biosynthesis [62]
AtWRKY42 Arabidopsis Leaf senescence through modulating SA and ROS synthesis [63]
AtWRKY25 Arabidopsis No accelerate senescence and tolerance to oxidative stress and the intracellular H2O2 level [61]
ZmVQ52 Arabidopsis Premature leaf senescence [64]
CpWRKY71 Arabidopsis Promotes flowering and leaf senescence [65]
GhWRKY17 Arabidopsis Accelerated leaf senescence [59]
NtNAC080 Arabidopsis Early senescence in leaves [56]
TaNAC2 Arabidopsis Enhanced tolerances to drought, salt, and freezing stresses, senescence [66]
OsNAC2 Tobacco Early senescence leaves [30]
AtNAC075 Arabidopsis Delays senescence in Arabidopsis [67]
MlNAC5 Arabidopsis Drought and cold tolerance and leaf senescence [68]
AtMYBL (At1g49010), Arabidopsis as a putative novel transcriptional factor in leaf senescence, and responses to stress caused by exposure to ABA and salt [69]
PheNAC3 Arabidopsis Precocious senescence and abiotic stress tolerance [70]
ScMYBAS1 Rice Biomass accumulation and drought tolerance [71]
MYBH Arabidopsis Leaf senescence [72]
ANAC083 (VNI2), ANAC042 Arabidopsis Tolerance to abiotic stresses, including heat and salt, and delays natural senescence negative regulator of senescence [73]
GmNAC081 Arabidopsis Enhanced senescence, a phenotype associated with accelerated leaf yellowing, reduced photosynthesis rate [74]