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Table 1 List of protein SNPs identified in the isolated variant

From: Genome sequencing reveals existence of SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.529 variant in Egypt

Gene SNPs
S A67V H69L V70I T95I N211I G339D V367F S371P S371F S373P S375F S477N T478K E484A Q493R G496S Q498R N501Y Y505H T547K D614G H655Y N679K P681H N764K D796Y N856K Q954H N969K L981F D1146D
ORF1ab K856R K856R F924F F924F A1707A A1707A A2710T A2710T T3255I T3255I P3395H P3395H L3674F L3674F G3676S G3676S I3758V I3758V V4310V V4310V P314L N591N I1566V
ORF3a T64T
M D3G Q19E A63T
N P13L G30G S33G R203K R203R G204R
ORF7b L18L