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Table 2 Relative DNA content (pg) between in vitro plants derived from somatic embryogenesis and plants grown in greenhouse from Piper hispidinervum seeds

From: Indirect somatic embryogenesis of Piper hispidinervum L. and evaluation of the regenerated plants by flow cytometry

Plants Peak average Nuclear DNA content Genome 1C (Mpb) CV(%)
Somatic embryogenesis 126.19x 1.8329 ± 0.02 ay 891,88z 4.7v
Seeds (greenhouse) 123.32 1.8666 ± 0.05 a 912,76 4.6
  1. xCalculated from the mean peak G0/G1 of P. hispidinervum in relation to the external reference standard Pisum sativum L.
  2. yMeans followed by the same letter, belong to the same group, by the Tukey test at the level of 5% probability
  3. zMean genome size 1C, where 1 pg DNA = 978 Mpb (Dolezel et al. 2003)
  4. vMean of the coefficient of variation of peak G0/G1