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Table 2 Differences in carbon and nitrogen metabolites in rice flag leave with differential response to nitrogen level

From: Nitrogen deficiency regulates premature senescence by modulating flag leaf function, ROS homeostasis, and intercellular sugar concentration in rice during grain filling

Sampling period Genotype
N Level
(mg g−1)
(mg g−1)
(mg g−1)
Soluble protein Leaf N content (%) C/N ratio
0 DAA Wildtype HN 53.04±2.30a 56.31±2.25b 22.17±5.21a 16.39±2.07b 18.40±1.58a 5.84±0.54a 1.64±0.17ab
  MN 48.35±4.20a 56.30±1.00b 22.23±4.58b 16.25±1.04b 15.37±2.01b 4.96±0.31ab 1.77±0.21ab
  LN 42.47±4.13b 89.80±1.06a 30.99±5.36c 19.23±1.31a 10.76±2.23c 2.51±0.04b 2.10±0.24a
  Means 47.95B 67.14B 25.13B 16.834B 14.84A 4.43A 1.82ns
psf HN 60.17±3.78a 56.77±10.65b 27.41±6.13a 17.66±3.10c 17.17±1.11a 5.68±0.13a 1.57±0.35ab
  MN 52.32±3.01b 61.06±8.05b 32.64±2.85b 18.73±2.10b 17.32±2.21b 3.81±0.51b 2.11±0.21a
  LN 45.86±2.14c 95.97±12.86a 40.11±2.38c 20.78±2.05a 8.99±1.62c 2.02±0.008c 2.29±0.51a
  Means 52.78A 71.27A 33.38A 18.286A 14.49A 3.83AB 1.76ns
15 DAA Wildtype HN 30.70±4.51c 55.75±10.18c 20.67±3.09a 15.12±2.16a 15.17±4.01a 5.01±0.2a 1.66±0.21ab
  MN 34.03±1.08b 49.61±5.90b 20.21±3.21b 14.18±1.90ab 11.30±1.07b 3.86±0.1b 2.08±0.21a
  LN 45.77±1.60a 36.69±8.05a 25.61±2.41c 10.73±0.83b 5.41±0.91c 2.33±0.12c 2.39±0.32a
  Means 36.83B 47.35B 22.16B 13.21A 10.62B 3.73A 1.92ns
psf HN 40.20±1.73c 60.89±7.75a 22.54±7.03a 15.33±1.72a 16.97±1.60a 4.30±0.52a 1.77±0.48a
  MN 45.51±2.00b 55.02±12.25b 28.86±3.52b 11.10±2.38b 14.61±1.24b 3.19±0.8b 1.88±0.18a
  LN 48.32±2.71a 48.72±5.73c 32.90±1.42c 6.69±1.13c 8.98±1.18c 1.50±0.01c 2.01±0.27a
  Means 44.67A 54.88A 28.1A 11.04B 13.52A 3.00AB 1.85ns
30 DAA Wildtype HN 23.31±1.36b 50.19±10.14a 14.37±3.15a 13.44±1.91a 15.28±2.41a 3.63±0.04a 2.27±0.30b
  MN 25.44±2.32b 30.58±3.65b 18.69±1.20b 10.16±2.01b 9.72±1.00b 2.68±0.11b 2.29±0.34b
  LN 30.05±1.06a 15.12±6.02c 20.18±1.9bc 5.38±0.41c 6.10±0.37c 1.06±0.04c 3.17±0.19a
  Means 26.26B 31.96A 17.74B 9.81A 10.36A 2.457A 2.472A
psf HN 24.84±2.59c 31.58±7.86a 18.6±2.6a 12.03±2.19a 11.50±1.36a 2.82±0.02a 2.30±0.51b
  MN 30.03±2.01b 25.33±2.05b 22.36±2.84b 7.33±0.94b 7.32±0.71b 1.80±0.01b 2.70±0.34b
  LN 33.69±0.94a 14.97±1.45c 23.77±1.03c 4.39±0.64c 2.21±0.07c 0.81±0.04c 3.55±0.37a
  Means 29.52A 23.96B 21.57A 6.447B 7.01B 1.81B 1.80B
Means effect   Nitrogen * ** ** * * * ns
  Genotype * * ** * ns * ns
Interaction   N*G ns * * ns ns * ns
  1. Different letters within the columns indicate a significant difference between nitrogen treatments for a genotype and mean values indicate a significant difference between the genotypes under all the treatments at p ≤ 0.05 level least significant difference (LSD)
  2. DAA days after anthesis, HN high N, MN medium N, LN low N
  3. ** and * indicate the significance at the 0.01 and 0.05 level, respectively; NS means no significant difference based on the analysis of variance. Data are presented as means ± SD (n=3)