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Table 1 Phenotypic and molecular characteristics of Chromobacterium vialoceum strain TRFM-24

From: Characterization and low-cost preservation of Chromobacterium violaceum strain TRFM-24 isolated from Tripura state, India


Strain TRFM-24

Colony feature after 24-h growth

Growth on TSA, BHI, MacConkey agar, NA: Light purple, circular, smooth, entire, convex, size 0.5 mm and non-flourescent

KB agar: pin point colony with no pigmentation; LB agar: dark purple, circular, smooth, entire, convex, size 1.0 mm and non-flourescent

Cell shape


Gram reaction


Catalase test


Oxidase test


Arginine dihydrolysis


Urease hydrolysis


Citrate utilization


Indole production


Triple sugar agar

+ve for glucose fermentation

H2S production


Nitrate reduction


Methyl red




Starch hydrolysis


Gelatin hydrolysis


Cellulose hydrolysis


Lipase production


Anaerobic growth

Poor growth with no pigment production

Haemolysis test on blood agar


DNAse test


Growth at different pH & temperatures

Optimum growth: pH 6 to 9

No growth: below 5 and above 12 pH

Optimum growth: 30 °C

No growth: at 10 °C & 45 °C

Acid formation: sugar utilization

Fully utilized: fructose and mannose

Poorly utilized: dextrose, inulin, cellobiose and xylose

Amino acid utilization

Arginine, ornathine and lysine


  Fatty acid profiling (Sim: 0.6)

C16:1ω7c (32.7%), C16:0 (26.3%), C18:1ω7c (16.9%), C12:0 (6.2%), C10:0 (4.8%) and C12:0–3 OH (4.1%)

Molecular analysis

  16S rRNA gene sequence analysis & identity

GenBank Accession MK 841034 with similarity to C. violaceum ATCC 12472