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Table 1 Summary of the NCBI nucleotide BLAST results and the deposited sequences’ accession IDs

From: Molecular identification and antimicrobial activities of some wild Egyptian mushrooms: Bjerkandera adusta as a promising source of bioactive antimicrobial phenolic compounds

Samples ID Sequence coverage %/identity % Identified organism (ID) Accession ID for the deposited sequences
Mush 1 100/99.8 Bjerkandera adusta (KX426963) MN602043
Mush 2 95/88.8 Cyclocybe cylindracea (KM260145) MN646676
Mush 3 97/89.2 Agrocybe aegerita (AY763674) MN635615
Mush 4 81/93.4 Chlorophyllum molybdites (MG270072) MN638772
Mush 5 100/96.7 Lentinus squarrosulus (KF150321) MN602044