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Table 1 Characterization of retrieved sequences of cellulases for different R. albus strains using UniProt tool

From: In silico Structural, Functional and Phylogenetic Analyses of cellulase from Ruminococcus albus

No. Organism Accession number Protein Number of aa Molecular weight (Da) Molecular function Family
1. Ruminococcus albus P23660 Endoglucanase A 364 41,218 Glycosidase, Hydrolase GH5
2. Ruminococcus albus A0A011UFY5 Endoglucanase 413 45,742 Glycosidase, GH5
3. Ruminococcus albus A0A1H7KSB4 Endoglucanase 413 45,676 Glycosidase, GH5
4. Ruminococcus albus A0A1I1KHA3 Endoglucanase 413 45,815 Glycosidase, GH5
5. Ruminococcus albus Q59733 Beta-1,4-D-glucanase 414 45,880 Glycosidase, Hydrolase GH5
6. Ruminococcus albus E6UGI8 Cellulase 410 45,776 Glycosidase, Hydrolase GH5