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Table 5 Table showing MolProbity results obtained after Ramachandran analysis

From: Study of lipase producing gene in wheat – an in silico approach

MolProbity score 2.31  
Clash score 11.59 (A216 PHE-A251 PHE), (A174 HIS-A302 MET), (A183 PHE-A207 VAL)
Ramachandran favored 89.89%  
Ramachandran outliers 3.0% A131 MET, A68 GLY, A245 GLN, A60 PHE, A148 THR, A147 THR, A220 LEU, A251 PHE
Rotamer outliers 1.74% A119 LEU, A189 VAL, A45 VAL, A162 LYS
C-beta deviations 5 A60 PHE, A251 PHE, A142 SER, A148 THR, A233 VAL
Bad bonds 2/2175 A251 PHE-A252 PRO, A250 HIS-A251 PHE
Bad angles 33/2966 (A220 LEU-A221 PRO), A90 TYR, A251 PHE, (A131 MET-A132 PRO), (A57 THR-A58 GLN),
A69 ASP, A149 ILE, A235 HIS, A79 ILE, (A233 VAL-A234 PRO), A142 SER, A240 PHE,
(A243 PHE-A244 PRO), A303 HIS, A189 VAL, A222 HIS, A174 HIS, A89 ALA, A85 ASN,
A80 ILE, (A204 GLN-A205 PRO), A81 VAL, A258 HIS, A239 TYR, A249 HIS, (A251 PHEA252
PRO), (A288 GLY-A289 ASN), A250 HIS
Cis non-proline 2/257 (A57 THR-A58 GLN), (A288 GLY-A289 ASN)
Cis prolines 1/11 (A236 LEU-A237 PRO)
Twisted prolines 1/11 (A251 PHE-A252 PRO)