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Table 3 List of descriptors, their constructors, description and dimension used in building the QSAR model

From: Predicting the bioactivity of 2-alkoxycarbonylallyl esters as potential antiproliferative agents against pancreatic cancer (MiaPaCa-2) cell lines: GFA-based QSAR and ELM-based models with molecular docking

S/No Name Description Dimension
1 ATSC3c Centered Broto-Moreau autocorrelation—lag 3/weighted by charges 2D
2 MATS5p Moran autocorrelation—lag 5/weighted by polarizabilities 2D
3 minHBint5 Minimum E-state descriptors of strength for potential hydrogen bonds of path length 5 2D
4 ETA_Shape_P Shape index P 2D