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Table 7 Effect of various combinations of TDZ and BA on response percentage of three date palm cultivars after six months from initiation culture

From: Thidiazuron-induced direct organogenesis from immature inflorescence of three date palm cultivars

Treatment (mg/l) Barhee Selmi Medjool Mean
1.0 TDZ 9.63l 4.69m 15.33j 9.88G
1.0 TDZ + 0.5 BA 22.12h 16.37ij 28.00g 22.16E
1.0 TDZ + 1.0 BA 45.00c 38.21e 50.08b 44.43B
1.0 TDZ + 2.0 BA 17.29i 11.22k 22.73h 17.08F
2.0 TDZ 27.07g 22.16h 32.83f 27.36D
2.0 TDZ + 0.5 BA 40.03d 33.46f 44.08c 39.19C
2.0 TDZ + 1.0 BA 49.55b 40.18d 62.72a 50.82A
2.0 TDZ + 2.0 BA 22.40h 15.37j 28.21g 21.99E
Mean 29.14B 22.71C 35.50A  
  1. Means with different letters were significantly different at 5% level