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Table 1 Online in silico analysis tools used for CDH23 mutation pathogenicity prediction

From: In silico analysis of a novel causative mutation in Cadherin23 gene identified in an Omani family with hearing loss

ToolPrediction value
Provean− 5.48
Mutation AssessorFI score 4.485
Mutation TasterCausing disease (0.99)
  1. A variant is considered to be deleterious and damaging if the predicted values are as follows: SIFT > 0.05 (damaging), Polyphen < 0.8 (probably damaging), Provean > − 2.5 (deleterious), MutPred2 < 0.5 (deleterious), SNAPs < 0.00 non-neutral (deleterious), Mutation Assessor < 3.5 (high-functional, FI score 3.50–5.50), Mutation Taster < 0.5 (disease-causing)