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Table 3 List of key cis-regulatory elements of promoter site of ethylene biosynthesis genes

From: Insights into the genes involved in the ethylene biosynthesis pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa

Identifier Sequence Cover % Annotation
Arabidopsis Rice
SORLIP1AT GCCAC 100 Over-represented in light-induced cotyledon and root common genes and root-specific genes [70]
SURECOREATSULTR11 GAGAC 100 Sulfur-responsive element [71]
ABRELATERD1 ACGTG 100 Responsive to dehydration [72]
MYBCOREATCYCB1 AACGG 100 Involved in cell cycle phase-independent activation
LS7ATPR1 ACGTCATAGA 100 A positive salicylic acid-inducible element [73]
XYLAT ACAAAGAA 96.2 Involved in secondary xylem development and wood formation [74]
CCA1ATLHCB1 AAMAATCT 92.3 Involved in the phytochrome regulation [75]
ANAERO1CONSENSUS AAACAAA 96.2 96.2 Involved in the fermentative pathway [76]
SITEIOSPCNA CCAGGTGG 100 Resemble G-box; May contribute in part to transcriptional activation [77]
BIHD1OS TGTCA 100 Involved in disease resistance [78]
CGACGOSAMY3 CGACG 100 Involved in sugar starvation [79]
E2F1OSPCNA GCGGGAAA 100 Involved in actively dividing cells and tissue [80]
GARE2OSREP1 TAACGTA 100 Gibberellin-responsive element (GARE) [81]