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Table 3 Examples of patented enzymes from metagenome source in the past 5 years

From: Metagenomic applications in exploration and development of novel enzymes from nature: a review

Patent Number Country Assignee Enzyme Source Year Application
CN108463551A China Scientific and Industrial Research Council Cellulases Soil 2016 food and feed industry, detergent, weaving, and biofuel industry
BR102016000771A2 Brazil Universidade Estadualhed De Santa Cruz Proteases mangrove sediment 2016 antitumor, antifungal, antiviral, and antiparasitic treatment
KR102026836B1 South Korea Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology Lipase Soil 2018 industrial mass-production, biopharmaceuticals, and biodiesel
KR101816615B1 South Korea Republic of Korea α-Amylase black goat rumen 2015 feed additive, detergents, and biofuel
CN107475273B China Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Chitinase Wetland environment 2017 the industries of food, medicine, agriculture, and cosmetics
CN107828806A China Guangdong Pharmaceutical University β-glucosidase Soil 2017 The industry of pharmaceuticals, food, bioethanol, and medicine
JP6552098B2 Japan Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Kazusa DNA Research Institute Endoglucanase Hot spring soil 2016 bioethanol