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Table 2 Particle bombardment method for CRISPR/Cas9 component delivery

From: The present and potential future methods for delivering CRISPR/Cas9 components in plants

Plant name CRISPR/Cas9 vector or RNP complex Selectable marker Target genes Reference
Glycine max QC810 and RTW830, QC799 and RTW831 HptII DD20, DD43 [33]
Hordeum vulgare pcas9:sgRNA HptII ENGase [34]
Oryza sativum pCam1300-CRISPR-B HptII crtI, ZmPsy [35]
Oryza sativum CRISPR-RNP complex HptII OsPDS1 [36]
Oryza sativum pJIT163-2NLSCas9 HptII OsPDS, OsBADH2 [21]
Oryza sativum pOsU3-sgRNA, pJIT163-2NLSCas9 HptII OsPDS, OsDEP1 [37]
Triticum aesituvam pJIT163-Ubi bar TaMLO-A1, TaMLO-B1, TaMLO-D1 [38]
Zea mays pSB11-Ubi:Cas9 Pat LIG1, Ms26, Ms45, ALS1, ALS2 [32]