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Table 2 Physiological and biochemical characteristics of MHN12

From: Characterization of halo-tolerant plant growth promoting endophytic Bacillus licheniformis MHN 12

Characteristics Results Production Activity
Isolation source Nodules Indole production Negative
Gram reaction Positive Methyl red test Negative
Cell shape Rods Voges-Proskauer test Positive
Motility Positive Citrate utilization Positive
Endospore Positive Catalase Positive
Colony on TSA Irregular, cream, rough H2S Negative
Growth at 10 °C Negative Malonate Positive
Growth at 50 °C Positive ONPG Positive
Growth at 55 °C Negative Nitrate reduction Positive
Common habitat Soil Catalase Positive
Carbohydrates Utilization Arginine Positive
Sucrose Positive Extracellular enzymes Production
Mannitol Positive Pectinase Positive
Glucose Positive Amylase Positive
Arabinose Negative Protease Positive
Trehalose Negative Cellulase Positive