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Table 2 Comparison between next-generation sequencing technologies

From: Bioinformatics approaches and applications in plant biotechnology

Method Illumina Pacific Bio Nanopore Pyrosequencing (454) SOLiD
Read length per run 50–300 base pair 10–25 kilo base pair 500–2.3 mega base pair Approximate 800 base pair 50 base pair
Time taken per run 1 to 10 days Up to 30 h 1 min–72 h 24 h 1 to 2 weeks
Cost $148 per Gb $2000 Gb $60–80 per sample $7000 per sample $15,000 per 100 Gb
Accuracy 98% 99.9% 98.9–99.6% 99.9% 99.9%
Advantages Cost-effective, high-yield sequence reads Fast, long read lengths Real-time analysis, long read lengths Fast, long read lengths High accuracy
Disadvantages Instrument cost, high maintenance of instrument, read length Low high throughput Error prone Homopolymer error Long run time, low read length