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Table 2 A summary of SARS-CoV-2 genes coding for proteins that interact with the host DDR

From: The consequences of viral infection on host DNA damage response: a focus on SARS-CoVs

SARS-CoV-2 protein Function Host DDR proteins Protein sequence similarity to SARS-CoV according to [24] Protein sequence similarity to SARS-CoV according to [23]
Spike protein (S subunit) Host cell entry BRCA1 (in silico) 87.0% 91.5%
BRCA2 (in silico)
p53 (in silico)
Envelope protein (E protein) Viral replication and assembly BRD2/4 96.1% 97.4%
ORF8 protein Modulating the host immune response and interferon signaling inactivation DNMT1 45.3% ORF8 a 70.7%
5-LOX ORF8 b 66.7%
ORF9b protein Suppress antiviral innate immunity DCTPP1 84.7% NA
Nucleocapsid protein (N protein) Immune suppression DDX1 94.3% 97.2%
ORF10 protein Inhibits innate immune response CUL2ZYG11B NA ORF9b 52.4%
nsp1/leader protein Suppress cellular protein synthesis and potent inhibitor of host gene expression and antiviral response Polymerase α 91.1% 93.9%
nsp5/3C-like proteinase Processing of viral polyprotein HDAC2 98.7% 99.7%
nsp14 Guanine N7-methyltransferase 3′–5′ exoribonuclease (evasion of host immune response) IMPDH2 98.7% 99.1%