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Table 3 Morphological and biochemical traits of bradyrhizobia isolates 

From: Genetic and phenotypic diversity of microsymbionts nodulating promiscuous soybeans from different agro-climatic conditions

  Congo Red Absorption BTB Reaction Margin Color Elevation Gram Stain Transparency Size (mm) Colony shape Texture % Nodulation
I Crna Y S Cw Rs  − ve O 0.5 C Sg 5 0
II Crna Y S Mw Dmd  − ve O 1 C G 4 0
III Crna Y Sc Ww Cvx  − ve T 3.5 C Sg 3 3.08 ± 0.65c
IV Crna Y Sc Ww Rs  − ve T 5 C Sg 22 4.00 ± 0.94c
V Crna Y Sc Ww Cvx  − ve T 0.5 C Sg 5 3.08 ± 1.16c
VI Crna B Sc W Rs  − ve T 1.5 C Sg 3 1.42 ± 0.26d
VII Crna Y Sc Mw Cvx  − ve T 0.5 C Fg 13 1.33 ± 0.25d
VIII Crna B Sc Mw Cvx  − ve T 1.5 C Sg 5 6.91 ± 2.49b
IX Crna Y Sc Mw Cvx  − ve T 4 C Sg 40 9.25 ± 1.77a
  1. Crna Congo red non-absorbing, Cw Creamy white, Y Yellow, S Smooth, Mw Milky white, Sc Smooth clear, Dmd domed, Ww Watery white, Rs Raised, W White, Cvx Convex, − ve Gram negative, T Translucent, O Opaque, Sg Soft gummy, C Circular, G Gummy, Fg Firm gummy. Values within the nodulation column with common letters do not differ significantly according to Tukey’s HSD p < 0.05