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Table 2 Shoot dry weight, nodule dry weight, and symbiotic efficiency of two soybean varieties inoculated with bradyrhizobia isolates in the greenhouse 

From: Genetic and phenotypic diversity of microsymbionts nodulating promiscuous soybeans from different agro-climatic conditions

Varieties SDW (g plant−1) NDW (mg plant−1) SE%
SB8 0.33a 5.02a 74.06b
SB126 0.31a 2.99ab 98.70a
 RI3 0.42abc 1.43b 99.82ab
 RI4 0.48ab 4.85b 119.17b
 RI5 0.32bcde 1.16b 81.25bcde
 RI6 0.28bcde 0.37b 67.36bcdef
 RI7 0.19cde 0.39b 39.62cdef
 RI8 0.35abcd 2.21b 84.84abcd
 RI9 0.58a 19.28a 142.35a
 ICT 0.33bcde 8.73ab 84.45abcd
 BT 0.43abc 2.17b 101.01ab
 NT 0.43abc 0 100.00ab
 BICT 0.39abc 0.38b 94.45abc
 UT 0.09e 0 0
 Isolates 0.001 0.004 0.001
 Variety 0.475 0.102 0.005
 Variety *isolates 0.809 0.866 0.715
  1. Key: SDW Shoot dry weight, NDW Nodule dry weight, SE Symbiotic efficiency, * interaction. Mean followed by different superscript letters a-f within each column differ significantly at p < 0.05. Consortium, BICT consortium + commercial inoculant, BT commercial inoculant, UT uninoculated (− ve treatment), NT, nitrogen treatment (+ ve treatment), BICT consortium + commercial inoculant