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Table 1 Genes and proteins involved in leaf senescence

From: Senescence-associated proteins and nitrogen remobilization in grain filling under drought stress condition

Characterization of genes and proteins Gene/protein name Description References
Protein degradation HvSAG12 Cysteine protease [22]
Subtilase Subtilases [22]
UBC5 Ubiquitin.E2 [22]
RGLG2 Ubiquitin.E3.RING [22]
UBP5 Ubiquitin.ubiquitin protease [22]
HvPAP20 Cysteine protease [22]
HvPAP14 Cysteine protease [22]
ATG8 Autophagy [22]
RD21 Cysteine protease [22]
RGLG2 Ubiquitin.E3.RING [22]
Regulation of RNA transcription MYB MYB-related transcription factor family [22]
AtMYB44 Leaf senescence and abiotic stress responses [3]
HvNAC013 NAC domain transcription factor family [22]
HvWRKY12 WRKY domain transcription factor family [22]
IAA16 Aux/IAA family [22]
AFO C2C2(Zn) YABBY family [22]
HvNAC001 NAC domain transcription factor family [22]
HvNAC005 NAC domain transcription factor family [22]
CDF4 Leaf senescence and floral organ abscission by regulating abscisic acid and reactive oxygen species pathways in Arabidopsis [23]
DEAR4 A member of DREB/CBF family, in leaf senescence and stress response [24]
ANAC055 and ANAC019 An important role in ethylene senescence response [25]
RD26 Leaf senescence and stress response [26]
ARF2 Dark-induced leaf senescence and accumulates for the onset of senescence [27]
REVOLUTA (REV) Inset of leaf senescence in mature leaves [28]
Senescence-related proteins SAG14 Blue copper-binding protein (membrane) [29]
ACS6 ACC synthase [29]
SAG21 Late embryogenesis-abundant gene [29]
SAG113 Regulates stomatal movement and water loss in senesced leaves [6]
SAG12, 21, 29 Expression only occurs during the senescence of older leaves [28]