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Table 2. KEGG pathway of OTGs. The signaling pathways in the table are usually involved in cancer

From: Functional network analysis of p85 and PI3K as potential gene targets and mechanism of oleanolic acid in overcoming breast cancer resistance to tamoxifen

Term p-Value Genes
hsa05200:Pathways in cancer 0.000882275 RET, RALB, HSP90AB1, MAX, PTGER3, LAMB1, PIK3R1, RELA, VEGFA, RXRB, KITLG, MECOM, CDH1, TPR, CDK2, MDM2, GNAS, FAS, FGFR2
hsa04010:MAPK signaling pathway 0.031747523 DUSP10, JUND, GADD45B, MECOM, MAX, FAS, RAPGEF2, CACNA1D, MAP3K7, RELA, FGFR2
hsa04151:PI3K-Akt signaling pathway 0.045763549 HSP90AB1, ITGB5, LAMB1, PIK3R1, PRLR, RELA, VEGFA, KITLG, G6PC3, IL7, CDK2, MDM2, FGFR2
hsa04115:p53 signaling pathway 0.046007991 GADD45B, CCNG2, CDK2, MDM2, FAS
hsa05205:Proteoglycans in cancer 0.049149374 ITGB5, ERBB4, MDM2, FAS, PTPN11, PIK3R1, CD44, ACTB, VEGFA