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Table 4 Differential non-bond interaction of D121A variant between wild and mutant states

From: Variable predicted pathogenic mechanisms for novel MECP2 variants in RTT patients

Wild [D121] Mutant [A121] Non-bond interaction type Distance (A°)a
ARG111:ASP121 --- Salt bridge 1.95
ARG133:ASP121 --- Salt bridge 2.69
LYS109:ASP121 LYS109:ASP121 Strong H. bond 1.95
ARG111:ASP121 --- Strong H. bond 1.82
ASP121:LYS109 ASP121:LYS109 Strong H. bond 1.96
  1. aUnder steric bump; VDW fraction = 0.70; max. dist. of strong H. bond = 3.40; max. dist. of weak H. bonds = 3.8; max. dist. of the salt bridge = 4.0