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Table 2 SSCP electrophoresis conditions of the amplicons of the IGF2 gene in three lines of Japanese quails. All PCR amplicons were electrophoresed on 0.1 mm thickness of 10 × 20 (L × W) cm diameters polyacrylamide gels

From: Detection of a novel single nucleotide polymorphism in IGF2 gene with a negative impact on egg production and body weight in Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica)

Set Amplicons Gel concentration Running temperature Running time Running voltage Running amperage
1 IGF2,exo2 8% 16°C 4.0 hr 210V 100 mA
2 IGF2,exo3 10% 18°C 4.5 hr 200V 100 mA
3 IGF2,exo4 8% 20°C 4.5 hr 200V 105 mA