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Table 5 Determination of MspI cutting sites and fragment sizes for Trametes hirsuta strain 072 promoter regions

From: Investigation of promoter regions, motifs, and CpG islands in the regulation of gene expression in Trametes hirsuta strain 072

Region No. of corresponding promoter gene of T.hirsuta Nucleotide positions of MspI sites Fragment size (40 and 220 bps)
Promoter region Prom-atp9 Single cut (at383
Prom-atp6 No cut
Prom-atp8 Multiple cut (at 586,727,1043,1393) 141
Prom-C7V85-mgp08 Double cut (at 1189,1548)
Prom-C7V85-mgp19 Single cut (at 1788)
Prom-cob Single cut (at 1118)
Prom-cox1 Double cut(at1257,1793)
Prom-cox2 Double cut (at 1257,1793)
Prom-cox3 Single cut (at 534)
Prom-nad1 No cut
Prom-nad2 No cut
Prom-nad3 Single cut (at 605)
Prom-nad4 Single cut(at 290)
Prom-nad4l Single cut(at 1962)
Prom-nad5 Single cut (at 1695)
Prom-nad6 Single cut (at 676)
Prom-s3 No cut
Gene body region Atp9 Single cut (at 115)
Atp6 No cut ––
Atp8 No cut
Cob No cut
Cox1 Multiple cut (1056, 1343, 1782, 1799, 1913, 3286, 3645, 4313, 6145, 7526 17,114
Cox2 No cut
Cox3 No cut
C7V85-mgp08 Single cut (at 216)
C7V85-mgp19 No cut
Nad1 Single cut (948)
Nad2 Single cut (at 112)
Nad3 No cut
Nad4 No cut
Nad4L No cut
Nad5 No cut
Nad6 No cut
S3 Single cut (at 127)