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Table 2 Functional characteristics of Chromobacterium vialoceum strain TRFM-24 under in vitro conditions

From: Characterization and low-cost preservation of Chromobacterium violaceum strain TRFM-24 isolated from Tripura state, India

Characteristics Strain TRFM-24
ACC deaminase -ve
IAA production +ve
Siderophore production -ve
Cellulase production +ve
Xylanse production +ve
Protease production +ve
Salinity tolerance (NaCl) Optimum growth at 1.0% in tryptone medium
No growth on salt up to 2.5%
Drought tolerance Tolerate osmotic pressure up to -1.2 MPa (9.3% PEG6000)
Temperature tolerance Growth between 20 and 35 °C
Antagonistic to phytopathogens No antagonism against any test phytopathogen
Ammonium production +ve
Hydrogen cyanide production (HCN) -ve
Solubilization of P, Zn, K No solubilization
  1. MPa : Megapascal