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Table 4 The gene or QTL pyramiding in different crops

From: Recent advancements in molecular marker-assisted selection and applications in plant breeding programmes

Species Traits Gene from parent 1 Gene from parent 2 Selection stage Marker Reference
Barley Yellow mosaic virus rym1 rym5 F2 RFLP, CAPS [95]
Yellow mosaic virus rym4, rym9 rym4, rym9 F1-derived doubled haploid RAPD, SSR [96]
Stripe rust Rspx QTL 5 F1-derived doubled haploid SSR [97]
Rice Bacterial blight xa5, xa13 xa4, xa21 F2 RFLP, STS [98]
Bacterial blight xa21, Bt RC7 gene, Bt F2 STS [99]
Blast Pil, Piz-5 Pil, Pita F2 RFLP, STS [100]
Brown hopper plant Bph1 Bph2 F4 STS [101]
Insect resistance xa21 Bt F2 STS [102]
Wheat Powdery mildew Pm2 Pm4a F2 RFLP [103]