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Table 3 The marker-assisted backcrossing in different crops

From: Recent advancements in molecular marker-assisted selection and applications in plant breeding programmes

Species Trait Gene/QTLs Foreground selection Background selection Reference
Barley Barley yellow dwarf virus Yd2 STS Not performed [78]
Leaf rust Rphq6 AFLP AFLP [79]
Stripe rust QTLs on 4H and 5H Not performed Not performed [80]
Yield QTLs on 2H and 3HL RFLP RFLP [81]
Maize Corn borer resistance QTLs on chromosome 7, 9 and 10 RFLP RFLP [82]
Earliness and yield QTLs on chromosome 5, 8 and 10 RFLP RFLP [83]
Rice Early blight Xa21 STSa RFLP [84]
Early blight Xa21 STSa AFLP [85]
Early blight Xa5, xa13 and xa21 STS, CAPS Not performed [86]
Blast Pi1 SSR ISSRb [87]
Deep roots QTLs on chromosome 1, 2, 7, and 9 RFLP and SSR SSR [88]
Tolerance, disease, resistance, quality Subchr9 QTL, Xa21, Bph and blast QTLs, and quality loci SSR and STS Not performed [89]
Wheat Powdery mildew 22 Pm genes Phenotyping AFLP [90]