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Table 4 List of biomolecules that are responsible for synthesizing silver nanoparticles

From: Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles with algae and the importance of capping agents in the process

Algae Biomolecule involved in AgNp synthesis Size/shape Reference
C. reinhardtii Histone (H4) ~ 20 nm [17]
Chlorella vulgaris Polysaccharide (glucose, fructose, maltose, lactose, rhamnose, arabinose) 5.76 nm (average)/spherical [98]
Amphora sp. Fucoxanthin 20–25 nm/spherical [99]
Navicula (Diatom) Fucoxanthin 70–80nm [100]
Limnothrix sp. C-Phycocyanin 25.65 ± 2 nm/spherical & elongated [101]
Spirulina sp. C-Phycocyanin 13.85 ± 2 nm/spherical [101]
Laurencia obtusa Polysaccharides 4–10nm/spherical [102]