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Table 5 Physiochemical Properties of the full-fledged vaccine

From: An immunoinformatics study: designing multivalent T-cell epitope vaccine against canine circovirus

Physicochemical characteristics Values/description
Number of amino acids 320
Molecular weight 33,544.51
Instability index 37.63 (stable)
Aliphatic index 86.16
Theoretical pI 10.41
Extinction coefficient 33460
Total number of negatively charged residues (Asp + Glu) 17
Total number of positively charged residues (Arg + Lys) 30
Estimated half-life 30 h in mammalian reticulocytes, >20 h in yeast, and > 10 h in
E. coli
Total number of atoms 4712
Grand average of hydropathicity (GRAVY) − 0.225
Solubility determined using solpro server Soluble (0.510037 probability)
Allergenicity Non-allergen
Antigenicity using VaxiJen sever Antigen (VaxiJen score 0.4892)