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Table 6 The morphological and biochemical characterization of bacterial isolates

From: Isolation, characterization, and molecular identification of soil bacteria showing antibacterial activity against human pathogenic bacteria

Test PR1 PR2 PR3
Gram Stain + + +
Motility + +
Colony color Opaque and off-white Cream Yellow pigmented colonies
Cell shape Rod-shaped Rod-shaped Cocci
Spore forming +
Oxidase +
Catalase + + +
Amylase +
Phosphatase + +
Tryptophane deaminase
Arginine dihydrolase
Lysine decarboxylase
Ornithine decarboxylase
Glutamate decarboxylase
Voges-Proskauer +
Nitrate reduction +
Hydrolysis of Casein + +
Hydrolysis of starch
Hydrolysis of urea +
Indole Production