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Table 3 Significantly enriched BioGRID interactions of most commonly mutated genes indicating the molecular function, biological process, cellular component, and biological pathways

From: Clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential (CHIP) and cardiovascular diseases—an updated systematic review

Description Term ID Corrected P value
Biological process
 Covalent chromatin modification GO:0016569 8.13797E−05
 Chromatin organization GO:0006325 0.001237802
 Bone marrow development GO:0048539 0.002607555
 Histone modification GO:0016570 0.006671044
 Chromosome organization GO:0051276 0.009673322
Molecular function
 Histone kinase activity (H3-Y41 specific) GO:0035401 0.049878314
 Histone tyrosine kinase activity GO:0035400 0.049878314
Cellular component
 Euchromatin GO:0000791 0.009699567
 U11/U12 snRNP GO:0034693 0.049903619
Biological pathways (reactome)
 Epigenetic regulation of gene expression REAC:R-HSA-212165 0.010116540
 Amine ligand-binding receptors REAC:R-HSA-375280 0.008152302
Human protein atlas
 Lymph node; non-germinal center cells [high] HPA:0310443 0.033971887
Human phenotype ontology
 Abnormal cellular immune system morphology HP:0010987 0.002011691
 Abnormal leukocyte morphology HP:0001881 0.002011691
 Chest pain HP:0100749 0.00232273
 Abnormal platelet morphology HP:0011875 0.002471705
 Abnormal immune system morphology HP:0032251 0.00256098
 Abdominal pain HP:0002027 0.002830113
 Arterial thrombosis HP:0004420 0.003992637
 Weight loss HP:0001824 0.00406694
 Abnormal number of granulocyte precursors HP:0012137 0.004170906
 Megaloblastic erythroid hyperplasia HP:0200143 0.004170906