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Table 2 ECM-derived cell adhesion peptides. Most used peptides derived from ECM proteins and targeting specific cell types/cell receptors

From: Physical and mechanical cues affecting biomaterial-mediated plasmid DNA delivery: insights into non-viral delivery systems

Peptide Specificity
Modified fibronectin (either a Leu-Pro point mutation at position 1408 (9*10) or a labile 4 × Gly linker (9(4G)10) between the ninth and tenth domain domains Integrin α3/α5β1 or αvβ3 [169]
RGDS sequence from fibronectin Integrin αvβ3 [170]
REDV sequence from fibronectin Integrin α4β1 of endothelial cells [171]
LDV sequence from fibronectin Integrin α4β1 [172]
cRGDfK, cRGDyK and RGDC4 cACRGDMFGCA cyclic peptides from collagen Integrins αvβ3 [173] and αvβ5 [84]
GGYGGGP(GPP)5GFOGER(GPP)5GPC sequence from collagen Integrin α2β1, which is expressed by osteoblasts and MSCs during osteogenesis [174]
GFOGER sequence from collagen Collagen receptors (integrins α1β1, α2β1, α10β1 and α11β1) [174,175,176,177]
PDGEA sequence from collagen type I α2β1 in osteoblasts [178]
PGRGDS sequence from osteopontin αvβ3 in osteoblasts [178]
DFKLFAVYIKYR-GGC (C16Y) sequence from the mouse laminin Integrins αvβ3 and α5β1 [179], typical of endothelial cells
IKVAV sequence from laminin Integrin β1 [180] (α3β1 and α6β1 [84] and α4β1) [181], with high affinity for neuronal cells
RKRLQVQLSIRT (AG73) sequence from laminin Syndecan-2 [182]
VAPG sequence from elastin It binds to smooth muscle cells and it is not specific to integrins [183]
RRETAWA synthetic peptide Integrin α5β1 [181]