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Table 3 Details of bacteria isolated from soil samples of Panipat, Haryana, India

From: Isolation and characterization of salt-tolerant bacteria with plant growth-promoting activities from saline agricultural fields of Haryana, India

Sr. no. Soil samples Growth of bacterial isolates on different media used No. of bacterial isolates
Nutrient agar
Jensen’s agar
Pikovaskaya agar
King’s B agar
Ashby’s agar
Triple sugar agar
1 PS1 PS1N1 Undetected Undetected PS1K1 Undetected Undetected 2
2 PS2 PS2N2 PS2J2 Undetected PS2K1
Undetected Undetected 4
3 PS3 PS3N1 PS3P1 Undetected PS3K1 Undetected Undetected 3
4 PS4 PS4N1 Undetected PS4P1 PS4K1 Undetected PS4T1 4
5 PS5 PS5N1 Undetected PS5P1 PS5K1 PS5A1 Undetected 4
6 PS6 PS6N1 PS6J1 Undetected PS6K1 Undetected Undetected 3
7 PS7 PS7N1 Undetected Undetected PS7K1 Undetected PS7T1 3
8 PS8 PS8N1 PS8J1 PS8P1 Undetected Undetected Undetected 3
Total no. of isolates 8 4 3 8 1 2 26