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Table 1 Infrared band assignment of silk sericin (SS), AgNO3, and SS-Ag nanoparticles

From: Green synthesis of silk sericin-embedded silver nanoparticles and their antibacterial application against multidrug-resistant pathogens

Infrared (IR) band (cm-1) Band assignment
1700–1600 Amide I (C=O stretching vibration)
1560–1500 Amide II (N–H bending and C–N stretching vibration)
1300–1200 Amide III (C–N–H in plane bending and C–N stretching vibration)
1107,1148, 1360,1462 Free carboxylate groups (COO– stretching vibration)
3365, 3370, 3380, 3385 Amine N–H stretching vibration
830 Amine salt