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Table 4 Table showing MolProbity results obtained after Ramachandran analysis

From: Study of lipase producing gene in wheat – an in silico approach

MolProbity Score 2.33  
Clash score 13.67 (A348 TYR-A375 TYR), (A338 ILE-A339 PRO), (A209 CYS-A384 PHE), (A135 TRP-A292
HIS), (A50 GLN-A54 PRO), (A225 ALA-A303 PHE), (A77 ILE-A106 PHE), (A345 TRP-A372
Ramachandran Favored 90.44%  
Ramachandran outliers 0.55% A318 LEU, A293 PRO
Rotamer outliers 1.59% A282 ARG, A348 TYR, A226 VAL, A170 TYR, A52 LEU
C-beta deviations 4 A50 GLN, A288 GLU, A293 PRO, A292 HIS
Bad bonds 2/2977 A43 GLY, A292 HIS
Bad angles 57/4043 A288 GLU, A106 PHE, A215 ASP, A384 PHE, (A43 GLY-A44 GLY), A108 ASN, (A367 LEU-A368 ARG), A293 PRO, (A50 GLN-A51 LEU), (A370 THR-A371 PRO), A50 GLN, A356 ASP, (A318 LEU-A319 LEU), A368 ARG, (A53 LEU-A54 PRO), A292 HIS, (A38 VAL-A39 PRO), A344 MET, A68 ASP, A219 ALA, A253 VAL, A76 HIS, A129 ASN, A209 CYS, A339 PRO, (A175 SER-A176 LYS), A311 PHE, A229 HIS, A275 ASN, A225 ALA, (A221 PHE-A222 VAL), A62 HIS, A96 HIS, A177 ILE, A335 LEU, A222 VAL, A182 HIS, A334 ASP, A261 HIS, A285 HIS, A193 PHE, A145 HIS, A91 PRO, A139 HIS
Cis prolines 1/16 (A290 GLU-A291 PRO)