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Table 1 GeneBank accession number for the present examined materials of M. monoceros from the Red Sea, Egypt, and other available sequences from ( GenBank

From: DNA barcoding of the spider crab Menaethius monoceros (Latreille, 1825) from the Red Sea, Egypt

Species Reference code Locality/distribution GenBank accession #
CO1 16S
M. monoceros* RCAZUE-Crus-Br.26151.13.1 Egypt/Red Sea MW291632 MW291131
M. monoceros* RCAZUE-Crus-Br.26151.13.2 Egypt/Red Sea MW291633 MW291132
M. monoceros* RCAZUE-Crus-Br.26151.13.3 Egypt/Red Sea MW291634 MW291133
M. monoceros* RCAZUE-Crus-Br.26151.13.4 Egypt/Red Sea MW291635 MW291134
M. monoceros   Shimoda, Japan/Pacific   EU682804
M. monoceros   Shimoda, Japan/Pacific EU682856 EU682805
M. monoceros   Christmas Island GQ260899  
M. orientalis   French Polynesia/Pacific GQ260900  
  1. *Present study materials