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Table 3 Genes, NATs, lncRNAs, and corresponding mice. List of mouse strains showing probable inadvertent partial/complete disruption of overlapping sequence of NATs on the antisense strand along with intended target genes

From: Inadvertent nucleotide sequence alterations during mutagenesis: highlighting the vulnerabilities in mouse transgenic technology

Genes and gene ID Function NAT/lncRNA Example of mouse strains References
IL-1α (16175) Regulatory role in immune response by promoting inflammation. AS IL-1α C57BL/6 J-Il1aem1(Luc-eGFP)Smoc mice [14]
B6N(Cg)-Il1atm1b(EUCOMM)Wtsi/J (stock No.027517) [46]
HoxD-3 (15434) Transcription factor that plays a regulatory role in morphogenesis Hoxd3os1 Hoxd3−/− mice [12]
Hoxa3−/−;hoxd3−/− mice [13]
Igf2r (16004) Receptor for insulin-like growth factor 2 and mannose 6-phosphate. Involved in intracellular lysosomal enzyme trafficking. Airn Igf2r mutant mice [33]
Dlx-1 (13390) Homeobox transcription factor involved in craniofacial patterning. Dlx-1as STOCK Dlx1/Dlx2tm1.1Rth/J (stock No. 025612) [45]
Msx1 (17701) Transcriptional repressor that plays a major regulatory role during early embryogenesis. Msx1as Msx1flox mice (stock No. 025204) [17]