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Table 9 Effect of benzyladenine with or without activated charcoal on new shoots formation of date palm cv. Medjool

From: Thidiazuron-induced direct organogenesis from immature inflorescence of three date palm cultivars

Treatments (mg/l) Activated charcoal Free-activated charcoal Mean
0.5 TDZ 18.38cde 16.89e 17.64C
0.5 TDZ + 0.5 BA 19.53cd 17.7de 18.52BC
0.5 TDZ + 1.0 BA 19.68bc 29.64a 24.66A
0.5 TDZ + 2.0BA 18.00cde 21.6b 19.8B
Mean 18.90B 21.46A  
  1. Means with different letters were significantly different at 5% level