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Table 1 Effect of various cytokinins on browning intensity of three date palm cultivars after 4 months from initiation culture

From: Thidiazuron-induced direct organogenesis from immature inflorescence of three date palm cultivars

Treatment (mg/l) Barhee Selmi Medjool Mean
2.0 BA 1.86fg 1.40 jk 3.10b 2.12B
2.0 2iP 1.50jk 1.80gh 2.75c 2.02C
2.0 Kin 1.40kl 2.06e 2.80c 2.09BC
2.0 TDZ 1.70hi 1.60ij 3.88a 2.39A
1.0 BA + 1.0 TDZ 2.00ef 1.20m 3.20b 2.13B
1.0 BA + 1.0 2iP 1.64ij 2.25d 2.13de 2.01C
1.0 BA + 1.0 Kin 1.61ij 1.25l 3.20b 2.02C
Mean 1.67B 1.65B 3.01A  
  1. Means with different letters were significantly different at 5% level