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Table 2 Maximum composite likelihood estimate of the pattern of nucleotide substitution among 25 different nucleotide sequences

From: ycf1-ndhF genes, the most promising plastid genomic barcode, sheds light on phylogeny at low taxonomic levels in Prunus persica

  A T C G
A 7.64 3.64 9.36
T 7.67 8.31 3.64
C 7.67 17.43 3.64
G 19.73 7.64 3.64
  1. Where each entry shows the probability of substitution (r) from one base (row) to another base (column). Rates of different transitional substitutions are shown in bold and those of transversionsal substitutions are shown in italics. Against the nucleotide frequencies are 33.95% (A), 33.82% (T/U), 16.12% (C), and 16.11% (G). The transition/transversion rate ratios are K1 = 2.573 (purines), K2 = 2.282 (pyrimidines), and the overall transition/transversion bias is R = 1.06 with a total of 7110 positions in the final dataset