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Table 1 Isolates of Fusarium oxysporum obtained from lily used in this study and amplifications by different primer pairs

From: Development of specific primers for Fusarium oxysporum causing damping off of Lilium formolongi

Isolate no.Pathogenicity to lilyHost plantsOriginDesigned primer pairs
A1–4+ 1)LilyFukushima, Japan+ 3)++±++
A2–4+LilyFukushima, Japan+++±++
A2–5+LilyFukushima, Japan+++±++
D2–1+LilyFukushima, Japan+++±++
A2–3LilyFukushima, Japan
D1–1LilyFukushima, Japan
D2–4LilyFukushima, Japan
Ff-3+LilyFukushima, Japan±NT±NT+NT
Ff-9+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT+NT+NT
Ff-10+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT+NT+NT
Ff-13+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT+NT+NT
Ff-18+LilyFukushima, Japan±NT±NT+NT
Ff-24+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT+NT+NT
Ff-31+LilyFukushima, Japan±NT±NT+NT
Ff-33+LilyFukushima, Japan±NT±NT+NT
Fc-58+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT±NT+NT
Fc-59+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT±NT+NT
Fc-61+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT±NT+NT
Fc-62+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT±NT+NT
Fc-65+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT+NT+NT
Fc-66+ LilyFukushima, Japan±NT±NT+NT
Fc-69+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT±NT+NT
Fc-70+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT±NT+NT
Fc-72+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT±NT+NT
Fc-74+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT±NT+NT
Fc-77+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT+NT+NT
Fc-78+LilyFukushima, Japan+NT+NT+NT
Ff-4LilyFukushima, JapanNTNTNT
Ff-4LilyFukushima, JapanNTNTNT
Ff-3LilyFukushima, JapanNTNTNT
Ff-7LilyFukushima, JapanNTNTNT
Ff-8LilyFukushima, JapanNTNTNT
Ff-11LilyFukushima, JapanNTNTNT
Ff-12LilyFukushima, JapanNTNTNT
Ff-16+LilyFukushima, JapanNTNTNT
  1. 1) Pathogenicity to lilies was shown by Hanesaka et al. (2014); +: virulent to lily; −: non-virulent; NT not tested
  2. 2) Pairs of Lhs-F1, -F2, -F3, -R1, and -R2 are listed
  3. 3) + amplified products were observed, ± faint products were observed, − no amplification was observed