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Table 6 Vectors used for cloning in strains of P. acidilactici and L. brevis

From: Construction of a shuttle expression vector for lactic acid bacteria

PlasmidHost strain(s)Size (kb)Relevant characteristicsReference
pRS4 derivatives
P. pentosaceus
P. acidilactici
L. plantarum
L. casei
E. coli
7.8AmpR, CmR[21]
pAMJABL. lactis MG1363
P. acidilactici, E. coli
Pediocin PA-1 pedA
Immunity gene pedB
pRS5P. pentosaceus
E. coli
10.1AmpR, CmR[23]
pLES003L. brevis
E. coli
6.1AmpR, EmR[24]
pCP289P. acidilactici MTCC 51019.2Ped operon
RepB ori
Present study
pPBT-GFPP. acidilactici MTCC 5101
L. brevis MTCC 1750
9.6Ped operon, RepA, ori LB, RepB
ori PA,
Present study