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Table 1 List of all single nucleotide polymorphisms observed in the SSCP diplotyped GHRL 262-bp amplicons in both sheep and goats

From: GHRL gene-based genotyping of ovine and caprine breeds reveals highly polymorphic intronic sequences in Awassi sheep with several RNA motifs

No. Position* BC diplotype AC diplotype BB diplotype AB diplotype SNP novelty SNP summary
1 7 C>A C>A C>A C>A Novel Intron4:g.7 C>A
2 29 T>G T>G Novel Intron4:29 T>G
3 36 A>C A>C Novel Intron4:36 A>C
4 61 C>T C>T C>T C>T Novel Intron4:61 C>T
5 71 C>G C>G C>G C>G Novel Intron4:71 C>G
6 93 C>T C>T C>T C>T Novel Intron4:93 C>T
7 119 C>A C>A Novel Intron4:119 C>A
8 123 T>G Novel Intron4:123 T>G
9 129 C>T C>T C>T C>T Novel Intron4:129 C>T
10 149 C>T C>T C>T C>T Novel Intron4:149 C>T
  1. *The mentioned numbers refer to positions of the observed variants in PCR amplicons as well as in the submitted accession numbers (MG387135–MG387138) of the observed GHRL-based diplotypes. The observed variants were named following the nomenclature rules described in